Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) Family Service Centre
12 October 2009

The support is in aid of an autistic child’s student care school fees. This is a single-parent family, where the husband left the family when the child was a baby, and the wife, who has no support from her family, has to take care of the child who is autistic and has severe learning disabilities. She has difficulty finding a job as she needs to take care of the child. With the Chew Hua Seng Foundation’s interim financial support, the mother can put the child in a Student Care Centre which caters to special needs children while she looks for a job to help ensure family and financial stability.

Kampong Kapor Family Service Centre
17 September 2009

Financial assistance for children’s school expenses and transport. The husband is the sole-breadwinner, supporting his wife and four children. The interim financial assistance will help to tide through the children’s school expenses and provide formula milk and diapers for the youngest child while the father attends job training before he starts work officially.

Care Corner Family Service Centre (Toa Payoh)
06 August 2009

To continue to assist a child’s special education school fees at KidzQuest for another 6 months.

Beyond Social Services
06 August 2009

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation provided meal assistance to a secondary school student whose family lives in a two-room rented flat and is on the government social assistance scheme. There is no family support and both parents are low-wage workers.

Beyond Social Services runs a range of preventive, restorative and developmental programmes and services that are designed to fight delinquency among children and youths. The organisation believes that youth offence is the product of young people’s environment and not inherent in them. With appropriate support, young people from disadvantaged and troubled backgrounds can escape the cycle of poverty, violence and crime and be contributing members of our community.

Beyond Social Services also run several programmes for the Infants & Early Childhood, Children, Youths, Family, Care-givers & Schools.


Singapore After-Care Association
11 June 2009

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation provided educational and transport aid to an ex-offender who excelled in his A-levels.

The Singapore After-Care Association (SACA) was formed in 1956 and was registered as a charity in 1984. The Association is a voluntary welfare organisation affiliated with the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and is also a member of the Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-offenders (CARE) Network.

SACA is the key agency providing welfare and rehabilitation services for discharged offenders and their families. SACA aims to assist discharged offenders and their families to cope with problems arising from the offending behaviour and the consequent incarceration. This is done with the belief that such assistance would give discharged offenders the chance to reintegrate into society successfully thereby reducing the chances of recidivism.


Official opening of Monfort Secondary School’s indoor sports hall
25 April 2009

After months of planning and construction, the indoor sports hall of Montfort Secondary School finally came to a completion. Mr Chew Hua Seng, the founder of the Chew Hua Seng Foundation, officiated the opening of the sports hall. It was heartwarming to see teachers and students in their sportswear participating in the mass workout and exercise activities at the new sports hall.


MILK (Mainly I Love Kids)
16 April 2009

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation has been providing support to various cases referred by MILK Fund.

Many of the cases needed interim help due to the economic crisis, where people lost their job or were retrenched. While the sole breadwinners look for alternative jobs, the interim financial assistance can help the families to tide through the crisis and help in leading the families back to normalcy.


Raffles Girls’ School Alumni Tribute
06 April 2009

The classical music event at the Esplanade concert hall was dubbed 'Lee Chin & Friends: A Strings Extravaganza'. The Chew Hua Seng Foundation made a donation towards the children's charities. The concert was the first of Raffles Girls’ School's 'Alumni Tribute Series'.


Garden City Fund
03 April 2009

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The Garden City Fund is in honour of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s contribution to the greening of Singapore. The Garden City Fund’s Scholarship programme sponsors the education of promising botanists and horticulturists in leading universities. Upon graduation, these scholars would contribute in the areas of education, research, managing and planning for Singapore’s continued development as a Garden City.


Official opening of SPICE@Serangoon
19 February 2009

The launch of the innovative speech and drama centered kindergarten SPICE@Serangoon was presided over by guest-of-honour Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Senior Minister of State for Finance and Transport, MP for Aljunied GRC and Chairman of PCF Serangoon Branch, together with Mr Chew Hua Seng, CEO of Raffles Education Corporation Limited and founder of the Chew Hua Seng Foundation.

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation supported the establishment and construction of the new kindergarten, which runs the SPICE programme that develops children's Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional abilities. SPICE@ Serangoon is now in full operation with a total enrollment of 50 students in its first month. As part of the opening celebration, the pupils and teachers dressed up as fairytale characters and welcomed Mrs Lim, parents and guests with dance, song and an enchanting Tin Soldier March.


Lakeside Family Centre
23 January 2009

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation has been providing support to an initiative by Lakeside Family Centre to set up a Psychology Clinic. The objective is to provide Educational and Psychological Services (EPS) to assist with diagnosis and intervention in children from under-privileged and low-income families. In particular, the Lakeside Family Centre hopes to identify and assist children with reading and learning difficulties. It is hoped that these children, when identified early, may be assessed and referred to the relevant agencies or institutions for more effective treatment.

Lakeside Family Centre operates two family service centres in Jurong West and Jurong East, as well as an extension centre in Taman Jurong and a satellite centre in Toh Guan.

These centres provide a comprehensive range of services for individuals and families in distress.


Asian Women's Welfare Association (AWWA)
02 January 2009

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation provided financial education assistance at the request of the Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) to help a student continue her ‘O’ level education. The student managed to finish her studies and fulfill her ambition of becoming a counsellor to help others.


Financial assistance for two school children at the request of the Central Community Development Council
04 November 2008

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation continuously works to help underprivileged youths by granting the resources they need to succeed in school. The cases of two school children who did not qualify for state assistance were recently referred to the Foundation, which agreed to the request by the Central Community Development Council (CDC) to cover the children’s daily expenses.


Official opening of ‘The Sanctuary’ at Montfort School
15 September 2008

The opening was officiated by Mr Chew Hua Seng and Mr Chua Cher Choon (Chairman of Montfort School Committee).

With a heartfelt speech by Mr Chew on his humble beginnings, he encourages each and every student to work hard and that every student deserves an opportunity to study no matter what their circumstances are. Mr Chew welcomes every student to approach the Foundation if they need help to continue with their studies.


Langfang Municipal Chew Hua Seng Bursary
11 June 2008

The LangFang Municipal Chew Hua Seng Foundation was officially set up on 11 June 2008 to support the education cause and development of LangFang. Funds received would benefit the local needy junior and senior school students. The fund amount will be contributed by Mr Chew Hua Seng, Chairman and CEO of Raffles Education Corporation Limited for a period of five years from 2008 to 2012. The funds will be governed by an office setup under a consultative committee (ZhengXie).


RGS Pupil Scheme
05 June 2008

The ‘RGS Pupil Scheme’ by Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) ensures that students who are in financial need can continue with their studies. The Chew Hua Seng Foundation made a contribution to this scheme, whose objective is in line with the Foundation’s key focus in providing education opportunity to the underserved.


In support of Aljunied Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative
23 May 2008

The Aljunied Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative by Aljunied GRC and Hougang Constituency is a platform that will help to create a conducive and self-sustaining environment that grooms, develops and supports entrepreneurship activities.


Reaching out to children in Cambodia
08 -11 May 2008

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation donated stationery, uniforms, exercise books and slippers to some schools and orphanages in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The schools included Wat bo Primary School, Chong Khneas Primary School and Irvin Spitler Primary School. The two orphanages were managed by local tourist guides, and each housed about 20 to 50 children who were referred or sent by their parents who could not afford to take care of them.


Montfort Secondary School’s indoor sports hall building funds
26 April 2008

The Chew Hua Seng Foundation made a generous contribution of $500,000 to the Montfort School’s Indoor Sports Hall building fund. Mr Chew Hua Seng presented the cheque to the School Management Committee Chairman Mr Chua Cher Choon and the two principals, Mr Simen Lourds and Mr Edmund Lim at the School’s 92nd Founder’s Day.


ACS Junior School Building Fund
01 April 2008

In support of Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) fundraising project - “We Laid The Bricks”, the Chew Hua Seng Foundation made a contribution to help the campus be equipped with the facilities needed to support an educational experience for all the students.


Chew Hua Seng Bursary in Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
08 January 2008

The Chew Hua Seng Bursary was set up in Beijing to support the education development of Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology (BICT). The focus is on the current BICT degree, bachelor and master students, who are in economic difficulties, but with good moral character, diligence and simplicity. Students with outstanding academic results will have priority for the Bursary under the same conditions. The Chew Hua Seng Foundation will contribute and disburse annually with 100 students benefiting from the Chew Hua Seng Bursary.


The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund
31 Dec 2007

In support of the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, the Chew Hua Seng Foundation donated to ChildAid 2007, a charity concert in aid of The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and The Business Times Budding Artists Fund. The funds will help children who are facing financial difficulties to continue with their studies.


Chew Hua Seng – Donghua University Development Foundation
21 November 2008

In November 2007, Mr Chew Hua Seng, Chairman of Raffles Education Corporation Limited, made a sizeable and personal donation to establish the “Chew Hua Seng Foundation”. Proceeds from the Foundation shall be designated to four specific funds, namely the “Chew Hua Seng Chief Fund”, “Chew Hua Seng International Training Fund”, “Chew Hua Seng Curriculum Development Fund” and “Chew Hua Seng Outstanding Contribution Fund”.


Chew Hua Seng Bursary Fund contribution to Donghua University
21 November 2007

In 2005, Mr Chew Hua Seng, Chairman of Raffles Education Corporation Limited, made a personal donation to establish the “Chew Hua Seng Bursary Grant”. This bursary grant supports Donghua University’s educational and continued development, particularly in offering awards to needy students who have shown outstanding academic performance. These awards are aimed at providing monetary assistance, as well as the opportunity for the identified individuals to develop their fullest potential towards the successful completion of their studies at the University.